Aluminum Roof Structures

An aluminum roof structure is a great way to protect your investments in both a residential and commercial atmosphere. From a covered patio to a commercial loading dock, these structures preserve your vehicles and other property from the elements. These structures can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure and are long lasting and durable products. Our team can customize your roof structure to fit and coordinate with your home or business's exterior.

Dbl. Awning.jpg

Aluminum Pan Roof

We offer two types of aluminum roof structures, pan roof and insulated roof. Above is an example of a pan roof, which is great for providing shelter for all types of vehicles. These structures are appropriate to use for both commercial and residential purposes, and their primary purpose is to protect the area underneath from the elements.


Insulated Aluminum Roof

The second type of roof structure we offer is an insulated aluminum roof. These are ideal for projects that require electrical wiring, and climate controlled structures. The product consists of a two sided aluminum system with a foam core.  It provides accessibility for installed ceiling fans and lighting and is durable enough to walk on.